Lodging and Camping Options

Coolidge State Park

A trip to Coolidge State Park is a trip back in time; the park remains essentially the way it was when it was first created in the 1930s. Many campers feel that sites at Coolidge have the best views in all of Vermont. The park also has a loop of forested campsites, restroom facilities with showers, a hilltop picnic area with log picnic shelter, a group camping area, and several remote lean-to campsites.

Plymouth State Park

The site of Camp Plymouth was thought to have been used as an encampment by soldiers of the Revolutionary War in 1777. In 1855 along the banks of Buffalo Brook, one time known as “Gold Brook,” gold was discovered.There is a group camping area on the south side of Buffalo Brook consisting of six lean-tos, tent sites, pit toilets, and a large field for activities. On the north side of the brook there are a large picnic area, play area, sandy beach, horseshoe pits, concession, and boat rentals. Four rental cottages are fully furnished rental units. There is a large enclosed picnic shelter including a kitchen for larger groups as well as two smaller open pavilion-style picnic shelters.